The Complete Business Athlete (CBA90)

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The Complete Business Athlete (CBA90)

Our series of 90-minute bite-sized personal renewal & productivity workshops/webinars are designed to make a powerful impact on how your people think, feel, and perform. Allocating time for training in today’s busy corporate world isn’t easy. The Complete Business Athlete series of 90-minute bite-sized workshops/webinars provides your people with the flexibility to attend highly focused learning sessions that can fit easily around their daily work schedules.

We will explore

The CBA90 bite-sized workshops/webinars help people understand why, and how to manage their mind and body more effectively resulting in higher levels of productivity, fulfillment, and commitment. Each bite-sized workshop/webinar allows your people to learn new skills to put into effect as soon as they walk out of the room. Incredibly time and cost efficient, this series of full-immersion workshops/webinars reflects the realities of today’s business environment.

  • Each webinar/workshop is completed in 60 to 90-minutes (no longer than the average meeting)
  • Each workshop/webinar is highly focused (covers the essentials)
  • Greater choice and flexibility (fits around employee work schedules)
  • Up to three workshops/webinars can be held in one day
  • You can choose any combination of workshops/webinars
  • 30 people in attendance at each workshop/webinar, so you can provide training for up to 90 delegates per day

Choose your format


90-min each workshop (you can choose any combination)


60-90 min each webinar (you can choose any combination)

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