Developing People From the Inside Out – Custom Programs

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Developing People From the Inside Out – Custom Programs

Organizational productivity and effectiveness are driven by human productivity and effectiveness. And the businesses that flourish and sustain their business are the ones with happier, healthier, and more fulfilled employees. Energizing the Business Athlete® (EBA) programs, as simple as they are effective, help your company’s key players by challenging the status quo with a commonsense approach that is profoundly human, incredibly practical, immediately applicable, and scientifically factual.

We will explore

Your body is a machine that - like all machines - needs to be cleaned, tuned up, oiled, and plugged into an energy source. Machines wear out when used nonstop, and so do our bodies. That said, the methods we use focus on the “Why to?” while providing the “How to?” or appropriate strategy. EBA teaches people the correct principles so they understand why, and how to manage their mind and body more effectively resulting in higher levels of productivity, fulfillment, and commitment.

How we can help:

  • We can provide you with an integrated, personalized learning solution to fit your time and business while respecting a corporate budget
  • We can customize the program to your team meeting, group, or leadership event
  • We provide programs, workshops, and webinars designed to allow your people to learn new skills that can be put into effect as soon as they walk out of the room

Choose your format


2-hour, half-day, full-day (one or a combination of topics)


60-75 min (one topic) or customized

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