Creating a Commitment Culture

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Creating a Commitment Culture

Creating a culture where people feel safe to speak up and take risks, and where there is a high level of trust and mutual respect is core to creating the high performing teams that will not only take you into the future, but also be robust during times of change and uncertainty. Ultimately, this comes down to authentic, vulnerable, and courageous leadership. Asking the tough questions and having courageous conversations is the best way to keep your culture healthy and strong.

We will explore

Our workplace is where we come together with people who believe what we believe and where we naturally trust each other. A place where we share a common vision, and everybody wants to contribute in advancing that vision. Think about the ideal environment you want to create at home for your children and family - values, principles, beliefs, etc. - and start creating that same environment in your team/organization. There’s no difference between work and family life apart from you wear different clothes and sit in a different room. Family loves you; your colleagues trust you - because it’s YOU!

Key topics include:

  • Everybody matters - become a servant leader and support your "brothers & sisters"
  • Learn how values and purpose frame most of your important decisions
  • Explore the core principles of a culture where there is a high level of trust and mutual respect

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