Outstanding service is invisible! Since 1999, and with our team of expert coaches, Energizing the Business Athlete® (EBA), a registered trademark of MG Business Health Solutions, has been helping people and their organizations optimize their potential with a “Less is More” approach – to stop chasing complexity and obsess with simplicity. That said, we define success by waking up every day in pursuit of WHY we eat, breathe, and sleep WHAT we do – we exist to help people take responsibility for, and control over, their own health rather than living irresponsibly, so that together, we can unite humanity and help change the world, one life and one person at a time.

I had the pleasure of working with Mark in Switzerland and there are few who can bring ideas about living like a ‘Business Athlete’ to life better than him.

– Dil Sidhu, Vice Dean, Columbia Business School, Executive Education

Founder & Managing Director

Mark Guilbert, M.Dip. EPST

Former professional roller hockey goalkeeper and Powerman World Series duathlete, Mark Guilbert has served as a trusted wellbeing specialist & keynote speaker across the globe for the past 25 years. An internationally respected life management expert, he has worked with high profile celebrities from the world of politics, sport, and entertainment. In 1999, Mark developed the Energizing the Business Athlete® (EBA) program, which specializes in optimizing individual and organizational health and wellbeing.

Mark reminds us that health cannot be injected or acquired by relying on modern medicines – it’s achieved and maintained only by active participation in foundational laws of healthful living that govern the human body. Put simply, it’s directly at the end of our knife and fork, in our glass, in our mind, in our heart, in the movement of our arms and legs, in our willingness to prioritize sleep, in the air we breathe, and in our commitment to significantly reduce our exposure to environmental pollutants and electromagnetic radiation – to break free from our undisciplined addiction to ‘digital toys’ and electrical gadgetry.

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What would your life look like if you were courageous enough to raise your standards, shift from a fixed to growth mindset, and become the person you have the potential to be while inspiring others to do the same?

– Mark Guilbert

The Team

Meet our expert coaches

Communicating is a contact sport! That’s why all our expert coaches have been meticulously trained to communicate their message powerfully, persuasively, effectively, and memorably – passionately connecting with people’s hearts and minds.

Frederic Meuwly

Senior Consultant

Frédéric Meuwly, Ph.D

Working closely with companies who are convinced that an employee’s Stress/Recovery balance contributes to the overall performance of their business, Fred became a coaching specialist after 10 years professional experience in the pharmaceutical business where he was leading product development teams at an international level.
Convinced that the value and performance of a project lies in its team members, he has always “Coached” people to develop new skills and realise their full potential.

His reconversion from a Doctorate in Life Sciences to a fully qualified coach via specialised training at IMD now finds him contributing his skills to the team.

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Nancy Demaurex

Senior Consultant

Nancy Demaurex

Nancy is a certified executive coach and trainer. Convinced that the effective management of physical, emotional, and mental energy and the development of interpersonal skills are key to both personal and professional performance and productivity, she is dedicated to accompanying the development of emotional and relational intelligence.
With American and Swiss dual nationality, Nancy brings an important awareness of the role understanding cultural differences plays in interpersonal effectiveness. As well as working with corporate clients such as KPMG and Nestlé, Nancy coaches’ participants in the Executive MBA program at the University of Lausanne and the Executive Development program of HEC Paris.

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Head of Business Development

Sibyl Giselbrecht

Having experienced and seen the effects of high-stress work environments on mental and physical health, Sibyl developed a passion for promoting health and wellbeing of employees in corporate environments through nutrition.
As a certified health coach, she is convinced of the benefits personalized nutrition has on the health and performance of employees in and outside of work. Through practical trainings and coaching sessions on the fundamentals of nutrition, she helps individuals to gain a better understanding on this often neglected, but important aspect of their health. In addition, with her background in sales and marketing in FMCG and the pharmaceutical industry, Sibyl also oversees business development within EBA.

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