Moving Forward During Times of Change – Together!

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Moving Forward During Times of Change – Together!

During times of change and uncertainty, being concerned about the human being and not just their performance output is paramount. That said, during this unprecedented global situation, the physical and psychological impact confinement (remember, we are social animals) and/or the fear of the unknown may have on many people can be quite devastating. Some people will be feeling lonely, some will be feeling incredibly anxious and mentally tired, and others may feel overcome by fear. However, every adversity we meet carries within it a seed of equivalent or greater benefit. So, why don’t we turn our current situation into a wake-up call and acknowledge the immensely powerful message it reflects: we are all in this storm together and we need to stay in control of the controllable - our personal and collective health and well being! Why? Because if you take care of your people, they will take care of the business!

We will explore

Resiliency ultimately means managing your energy so that you have the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual hardiness to get up and move forward. That said, being balanced and well prepared – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – doesn’t mean dramatic upheaval in our life. With the smallest investment, in the right places, we can radically transform how we think, feel, and perform while becoming wiser and stronger individually, and as an entity.

Key topics include:

  • We are all in the same storm...not the same boat!
  • The three different stages of navigating through a crisis
  • How to be mentally prepared for change and the unexpected - a 3-step process
  • Routine develops resilience - small disciplines repeated daily lead to quantum change over time
  • Q&A

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