Effective Leadership Starts With Self-Management

EBA Leadership program
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Effective Leadership Starts With Self-Management

Leaders need to be SEEN to be leading…it’s part of the job description. Energizing the Business Leader is a condensed, yet very comprehensive program, which can be incorporated into any of your existing leadership courses, anywhere in the world. It combines reality with the best thinking and research to significantly enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your company’s key players.

We will explore

Personal productivity and effectiveness is, and should be, a leadership issue. Leadership is not a position or some title on a business card. It’s a decision. A decision to take care of other people’s physical, mental, and emotional well being. And to do that effectively, you must pay the price of success with yourself first!

Key topics include:

  • You must manage yourself first before others will trust you
  • When you take care of your body, everybody wins - you, your family, and your business
  • Explore the four distinct, but closely intertwined dimensions you need to manage effectively so you may live and work to your greatest potential

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