The Business of Mental Recharge

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The Business of Mental Recharge

Contrary to popular belief, stress is not the greatest enemy of human productivity and effectiveness. In fact, stress is good—human beings respond to challenge - without it there would be no progress, growth, and social development. The greatest enemy is not giving ourselves sufficient time to refuel, recharge, and reclaim what matters.

We will explore

For any muscle to grow and improve its performance, it requires physical and mental effort combined with adequate recovery. A Business Athlete is no different. For effective work performance, productivity, fulfillment, and optimal health, both on and off the playing field of business, it’s essential the same stress/recovery integration principle is diligently applied.

Key topics include:

  • Take control of your day by learning how to say NO
  • Human beings respond to challenge - stress is not your enemy!
  • Exhaustion causes us to make mistakes, to redo work, and to lose our focus on what matters.

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