The Business of Healthy Boundary Setting

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The Business of Healthy Boundary Setting

Any confusion of responsibility and ownership in our lives is a problem of boundaries. Just as homeowners set physical property lines around their land, we need to set mental, physical, and emotional boundaries for our lives to help us distinguish what is and isn’t our responsibility. Boundaries define us—what is me and not me, where I end and someone else begins.

We will explore

Many people have good functional boundaries but poor relational ones - they can perform tasks at quite a high level of competence, but they may not be able to tell a friend that they don’t like their chronic lateness, or a colleague that the quality of their work is not up to standard. The reverse can also be true - so people can be completely honest with others about their complaints and dislikes but be unable to get up for work in the morning.

Key topics include:

  • We are responsible TO others and FOR ourselves
  • Why fear keeps us from establishing clear boundaries
  • Words have meaning in boundaries - the most boundary-setting word is NO

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