Physical Activity – learn how to exercise smarter, not harder!

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Physical Activity – learn how to exercise smarter, not harder!

Fitness doesn't guarantee health. A person can be fit—run fast, lift heavy weights do many push-ups and sit-ups—and not be healthy. You see, no matter how fit you are, if you have adrenal dysfunction, a suppressed immune system, and a stressed liver (as is the case for most people living their life in the fast lane) then your capacity and functionality—your physical, mental, and emotional health—will be compromised. That’s why exercising smarter, not harder, is the key to change how you think, feel, and perform.

We will explore

Physical activity has helped us to protect ourselves, to secure food, and to shelter ourselves for millions of years. Unfortunately, only in the past few decades have humans dramatically reduced their natural level of physical activity. Fast forward, “sedentary disease” is now one of the most underrated health threats of modern times —the fourth largest killer worldwide. From a medical, physiological, creative, and psychological standpoint, humans are not designed to sit for prolonged periods.

Key topics include:

  • Think on your feet - identify simple, yet effective ways to maintain a high level of natural activity
  • If your non-physical activity level is elevated (work, travel schedule, etc.) then high-intensity anaerobic workouts will be the last thing your body requires
  • Explore how effective exercise enhances the organism to control stress, improve immune function and cognitive capacity, aid recovery, and help maintain healthy body weight

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