Health is an Inside Job – Germ Theory Idiocy!

We tolerate many things today, but we don’t tolerate the truth. Truth is simple. It requires no explanation, analysis, rationale, or excuse; it’s just a simple statement that leaves no doubt. You can look at it from every angle, hold it up to the light, flip it over, examine it under a microscope, smash it with a hammer…it’s still the truth. That’s why this short article is very, very important because it will reveal what the majority refuse to believe: that germs as a cause of disease, is a dying fallacy. There is absolutely no scientific proof of the germ theory. It’s a fallacy. Hence, the reason it is called Germ THEORY, and not Germ FACT or the LAW of Germs. Empirical evidence shows that Terrain Theory is a better model for explaining health and disease than germ theory. In a nutshell: there’s no original scientific evidence that definitively demonstrates that any virus is the cause of any disease.

I first started educating myself about the Germ Theory (dispelling the myth) back in 1999 with a program by one of the world’s top Life and Business Coaches. In addition, and being a voracious researcher, I’ve diligently scrutinized many uncorrupted scientific papers and books confirming this fact (three excellent books I highly recommend you read are “The Contagion Myth” by Thomas S. Cowan, MD, and Sally Fallon Morell, “What Really Makes You Ill?” by Dawn Lester and David Parker, and “Virus Mania” by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Köhnlein). I also recommend you read and study the work of a very courageous scientist, Dr. Stefan Lanka PhD, a German biologist, who studied virology, molecular biology, ecology, and marine biology. Some years ago, Dr Lanka set a challenge. This challenge was that a certain sum of money would be paid to anyone who produced genuine scientific ‘proof’ of the existence of the measles virus. The purpose of this challenge was to expose the fallacy of the claim that measles is caused by a virus.

In 2015, a German doctor accepted the challenge; the basis of his ‘proof’ was a set of six published papers that he claimed provided the necessary evidence. Dr Lanka, however, claimed that the papers did not contain the required evidence and refuted the doctor’s claim to the ‘reward’ money. This dispute resulted in a court case that found in favor of the German doctor. The court’s decision that the papers provided the required ‘proof’ and that Dr Lanka had therefore ‘lost’ his case were widely reported in many media outlets, some of which also contained disparaging comments about Dr Lanka personally.

However, Dr Lanka maintained his claim that the papers did not provide the required proof and appealed against the court’s decision. The appeal was heard in early 2016 and the decision this time found in favor of Dr Lanka; in other words, it was found that the papers failed to provide the necessary ‘proof’. The mainstream media, however, were noticeably silent about the result of the appeal. The lack of media coverage of Dr Lanka’s successful appeal is revealing, especially as it coincided with reports about a number of ‘outbreaks’ of measles cases in the early months of 2016! But these reports studiously avoided making any reference to the court case that had demonstrated that no evidence exists that proves measles to be caused by a virus.

I always recommend that people should investigate for themselves whether any ‘virus’ has been conclusively proven to be the cause of any infectious disease. Any investigation of this nature should involve contact with the organizations that claim viruses to be the cause of disease to ask them the following questions:

Is there an electron micrograph of the pure and fully characterized virus?

What is the name of the primary specialist peer reviewed paper in which the virus is illustrated and its full genetic information described?

What is the name of the primary publication that provides proof that a particular virus is the sole cause of a particular disease?

It is vitally important that any documents referred to by the organization, should they reply, must be primary papers; textbooks or other reference materials that are not primary documents are not acceptable; they must provide primary evidence.

A further contradiction of the theory that viruses are transmitted between people can be seen from another common ‘infectious disease’, namely influenza, and the worst outbreak being the 1918 ‘Spanish flu’. One of the many experiments conducted to test the transmission of the disease is explained as follows:

“Ten healthy men were carried to the bedside of ten new cases of influenza and spent 45-minutes with them. Each healthy man had ten sick men cough in his face. None of these volunteers developed any symptoms of influenza following the experiment.”

It may be suggested that 10 is too small a number to be a statistically significant sample size, but this argument would miss the salient point, which is that each healthy man had ten sick men cough in his face and none of them became ill; a fact that contradicts the idea that viral particles ‘hitchhike’ onto saliva or mucous that is ejected from the body during a sneeze or cough. According to the ‘germ theory’, all of the healthy men should have been infected by the viruses and become ill. The fact that they did not fall ill poses a direct and serious challenge to the basic assumption that ‘flu’ is infectious. This also begs the question of why, in 2020, the world was forced into confinement, social distancing, and the ludicrous mask wearing…all in the name of ‘follow the science!’

That said, you don’t ‘catch’ flu (or a cold), you ‘create’ flu (or a cold)! Flu is driven by lifestyle and environmental toxins, not some ‘bug’ that’s coming to get you! The build-up of toxins in our body is a result of unhealthy habits. The way we react to the daily demands of life, stressful situations or our eating, exercise and sleeping habits plus exposure to electromagnetic fields and environmental toxins can mean the difference between ‘coming down with’ an infection due to lowered resistance or remaining symptom-free and healthy. In the words of Dr. Stefan Lanka:

One cannot prove that something doesn’t exist. One can only prove that something does exist.

Today, we must stop treating symptoms that show up in the physical body, and more importantly, address the root cause of the difficulties within. If we were to investigate the true source of illness, we invariably find that it is directly related to lifestyle: the air we breathe, what we drink, movement habits, foods, non-foods, drugs we ingest or inject, self-destructive thoughts, electromagnetic radiation from our ‘digital toys,’ and how much we sleep. And if we find an abundance of germs in our bodies, they are there because we have created the polluted environment, which supports them. They are the result, not the cause, of disease.

When you take ownership for your health by the way you live on a daily basis going forward then you won’t need to worry or live in fear of ‘disease-causing viruses’ and other so-called contagions or rely on ‘modern medicines’ and a new, yet nefarious ‘One Health’ scheme to cure you. Key points to keep in mind:

  • Should an abundance of germs be found in our body, they are there because we have created the type of environment, which supports them.
  • The key to a healthy body is healthy cells and anything that disrupts the body’s homeostasis or reduces the amount of oxygen in the body is potentially disease producing.
  • To prevent illness, do not focus on killing germs but cultivate sound health through a good diet, hygiene, exercise, rest, sleep, a directed mind, and minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins and electromagnetic radiation.

Stay healthy. Serve others. And do what is right, not what is easy!

P.S. If you want to understand more, then watch episode 1 of the documentary “The Viral Delusion.”

The Viral Delusion – Episode 1 – The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 (