Stairway to Better Health™

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Stairway to Better Health™

The cheapest gym anywhere is the stairs! Taking the stairs is one way to be more physically active. At work, employees are often presented with a choice between taking the stairs or taking an elevator or escalator. Choosing the stairs instead of the elevator is a quick way for people to add natural physical activity to their daily lifestyle - prolonged sitting is the fourth largest killer worldwide.

We will explore

Taking the stairs is a great way to increase your daily physical activity. But let’s be honest – if you must decide between being taken to the 5th floor in a carpeted, well-lit elevator (which requires no physical effort) versus walking up flights of stairs surrounded by gloomy grey walls and concrete floors, which would you choose? A significant and important motivator to encourage your people to take the stairs is to make the stairway a more attractive and inviting place to be!

How we can help:

  • Together, design how to make attractive physical changes to your stairway
  • Encourage your employees to maximize the effectiveness of using the stairs to enhance organizational health and well being
  • Prompt messages that inform people of the health benefits of using the stairs, or simply remind people of the more active opportunity

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