HeartMath® – a change of heart changes everything

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HeartMath® – a change of heart changes everything

HeartMath® teaches a simple technique that can be practiced daily to help you actively reduce stress in your life. Just a couple of HeartMath® breaths can help you stop the hormonal cascade that triggers the release of cortisol – and you remain coherent (i.e. calm and centered). When practiced regularly, research has found that the exercise can help you to feel better emotionally and improve your intuition, creativity and cognitive performance. In essence, when we learn how to shift into a more coherent state - we feel better!

We will explore

Coherence is an optimal physiological state (cooperative alignment between the heart, mind, and emotions) shown to prevent and reduce stress, increase resilience, and promote emotional wellbeing. Coherence is measured through Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – a unique window into the quality of communication between the heart and brain which directly impacts how we think, feel, and perform. Coherent heart rhythms help synchronize the activity in the brain, which is critical for optimal mental functions - such as memory, focus, and decision making.

You will gain:

  • A deeper understanding about what adding heart means
  • A connection to your hearts intelligence
  • Knowledge, skill sets and effective tools you can use to add heart to the lives of others

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60 min individual coaching
Face-to-Face, online

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