Firstbeat® Lifestyle Assessment – getting to the heart of the matter!

First Beat Assessment
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Firstbeat® Lifestyle Assessment – getting to the heart of the matter!

Recovery is amongst the most influential factors in a person's resilience and wellbeing but can sometimes be ignored. Firstbeat® Lifestyle Assessment verifies the effects of daily activities on the body’s resources and – more importantly – provides invaluable information to help an individual better manage their stress/recovery integration. The Firstbeat® 3-day analysis is not a medical evaluation, but a way to understand real-life physiological reactions and how they affect the body.

We will explore

This unique heart rate variability analysis (HRV) uses data about your work, leisure and sleep to create a complete picture of how well you're managing the stress and recovery in your life. The heart beats over 105’000 times per day – and physical activity, stress, sleep quality, and recovery can be identified and illustrated by analyzing those heartbeats. You will receive personalized feedback from a coaching specialist on how to better manage your stress/recovery integration.

Key topics include:

  • Are your body's resources being depleted?
  • Are you recovering during sleep and what affects your ability to regenerate and feel more energized throughout the day?
  • Are you exercising in a way that promotes recovery or is an additional source of stress and fatigue?

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3-day individual HRV monitoring with debrief session
Face-to-Face, online

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