Emotionally Connected – developing self-smart skills

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Emotionally Connected – developing self-smart skills

Emotions and energy are at the base of everything, especially performance. Specifically, emotions manifest themselves as biochemical reactions that can influence our different abilities, aptitudes, and capacities. The greatest athletes know how to master and orient their emotional energy for success. To learn to control and channel one’s emotional energy is to play to win.

We will explore

Emotions exist, as much for men as for women, and no amount of ignoring them can make them go away. And moreover, they are an immensely powerful source of energy and, when understood and used appropriately, an enormous resource to be tapped into for success in both our professional and private lives.

Key topics include:

  • Impart knowledge of the world of emotions including what emotions are and how neuroscience tells us how they work in the brain, the universal emotions, and the role they play in human functioning, and the charge, tension and discharge of the emotional process
  • Promote the development of greater awareness in the area of emotions
  • Provide tools for perceiving, understanding, managing, and using emotions and the powerful source of energy they provide

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60-90 min individual coaching
Face-to-Face, online

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