Your Body is Business Relevant

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Your Body is Business Relevant

Unprepared Business people don’t realize that working the way they do in a corporate culture obsessed with exceeding growth expectations, higher profits, and bigger bonuses doesn’t come without a cost. Health and integrity accounts that become severely overdrawn lead to devastating consequences for how we live our lives – not only to oneself, but to the people we love the most – our families – the organization for which we work, and the society in which we live.

What you will learn

Being balanced and well prepared – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – doesn’t mean dramatic upheaval in our life. With an investment of just 1.9% of your weekly time (3.2 hours) you can optimize your functionality and capacity – your health, personal wellbeing, and effectiveness. So, if you’re a leader who wants to be SEEN to be leading, under performing manager inundated with incessant demands, or talented, but tired employee, this class is a “must have” for you. Put simply, you’ll discover why adopting “Less is More” as your guiding principle, is the key to permanent success!

Key topics include:

  • Why we need to exchange “Faster is Better” for “Less is More” as our guiding principle
  • Learn how small disciplines repeated daily lead to quantum change over time
  • Effective people manage themselves first – optimization of personal energy and resources in four dimensions

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