Sleep Like a Baby – Part 1

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Sleep Like a Baby – Part 1

For anyone who wants to be successful, sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Unfortunately, in our hectic society we simply do not value sleep. Regular late nights combined with early mornings is a sure fire way to accumulate sleep debt and just like your local bank, the time will come when that debt needs to be repaid or you will incur severe penalties. Make no mistake; sleep deprivation is something we need to remedy should we wish to remain healthy, productive, and resilient.

What you will learn

Sleep is a key element of a healthy lifestyle. It’s essential for us to keep our immunity from infection at peak performance and to enable us to restore our bones, muscles, organs, and tissues. Sleep is necessary for the adequate production of hormones, including the all-important growth hormone, which make us less vulnerable to the diseases of aging. In addition, your brain will retain 40% less information when in a sleep deprived state, severely impacting cognitive function.

Key topics include:

  • Sleep loss and the damaging effects on our health
  • How our chronotype affects the way we work
  • Align your work schedule with your natural energy rhythms
  • Sleep debt indicators

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